After 15 years in the real estate and mortgage servicing industry, I am finally pursuing my dream - to have a business that will allow me to connect with people through travel, wine and food. I have had my own consulting firm for the past five years and have specialized in Strategic Consulting - basically, helping other people make a lot of money by re-inventing business models on the web.
My experience with building two very successful multi-million dollar companies from scratch utilizing my business plan and executing on a vision has made me realize that Women & Wine could be an immediate success. I hope that the new website (to be launched August 2005) will have something for women who love wine and travel as much as I do.
Connecting with people through a place, creating a memory through sharing a meal, a glass of wine, is a very special thing. Whether you are traveling with us or experiencing the destinations and stories of the winemakers in your office or on the road, there is something here that is very special.


cooking, reading, tasting wine, and writing